How to get your CBD ads approved on Facebook and Instagram

The FDA approved CBD for two types of epilepsy in childhood. CBD is now a highly sought-after product in both the medical and market sectors.

New companies have great opportunities to enter the CBD hemp industry. The CBD companies like justcbd can now get their brands approved by prominent social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Multiple instances have shown that Facebook rejects ads from brands despite the fact that they follow all policies.

It is possible, but it takes hard work on the part of the brand to try to promote itself.

Approve CBD ads on Facebook & Instagram

These are the steps you need to take in order to have your CBD ads approved by Facebook, Instagram, or other social media platforms.

Segment Your eCommerce Site

When the appeals are presented to human moderators they almost approve the campaigns and incidents like removing or flagging CBD campaigns do not occur. Facebook frequently ignores its policies.

This is how you might be able to help yourself.

A separate eCommerce site must be created for CBD topical products.

To drive traffic to the page, create ads that are focused on Topicals and submit the campaign for approval.

After reviewing the ads, request manual approval to reject them.


This method is completely compliant with Facebook’s regulations and does not flag or remove your ads.

This process can drive sales of CBD topical products, without having to flag them.


Ads that focus on CBD-based topics will result in fewer sales for other products.

Due to the additional costs of back-end setup and web development, segmenting your products on separate eCommerce websites will result in extra charges.

Place a Complaint on the Landing Page

This second option is risky and requires you to create a compliant page to allow for the initial approval of your campaign.

Next, you will send the link to the main site where the products can be purchased.

It would be helpful if you checked for bots every now and again. Even after approval, bots could crawl back to the campaign landing page and flag it.

Here’s the process:

A campaign landing page must be created and comply with Facebook’s advertising policies. You must click the CTA button to exit, and it should not be done via URL.

Send the complaints ads to be approved.

If there is a rejection, ask for a review and manual approval.

After approval, insert a URL to direct visitors to your buying website.


Potential to increase sales and expose other products to the market

Buyers will be attracted to the product ad as long as it is prominent.


Facebook could attack the landing page to take down the advertisement.

It is possible that the business page on Facebook or Instagram could be deleted.

Focus On Brand

A brand-focused campaign can limit the sales potential for CBD topicals. However, brand awareness and other products will make your CBD topicals more popular.

To drive traffic to the page, you can create ads that are focused on your brand and submit them for approval.


This process can increase your product’s popularity.

This process can increase brand awareness.


This process is less efficient for CBD topical products.

CBD products don’t get enough exposure.


Many CBD products are now on the market due to their increasing popularity and legal approval.

These are the best solutions available for approval of ads on Facebook or Instagram.

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