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All about identity and access management

With sizable growth in technology, our old version of video games has been replaced by using huge multiplayer online gaming websites. According to the latest statistics, online gaming revenue is touching the sky with every passing year. With this drastic increase in revenue, there’s an exquisite need to increase online gaming protection to avoid different kinds of risks.

 Common dangers associated with the gaming industry?

  • Due to the advent of private account on the gaming websites, these non-public debts are at risk of malicious attacks. Even the most significant gaming corporations become the goal of report and identification theft. Lots of data can be stolen, including personal and sensitive statistics, including credit card details, bank account details, deal with, etc.
  • Due to the multiplayer gaming environment, players have grown to be inclined to be cheated by means of other players. These players get unfair benefits ensuing in gamers the ones are being cheated, leaving the video games.
  • Deletion of personal characters and achievements by cyber sociopaths.
  • A lot of the time, it takes place that there may be a thin line between the real and digital world for online gaming addicts. Many people play online video games in these digital global by using digital currency, gold, and digital belongings like weapons, property, etc. That may be traded for actual money. These debts are on the hit lists of cybercriminals.

 How먹튀 can help to resolve these risks present in the gaming industry?

The only password is not sufficient to defend your non-public account and sensitive data from cyber attackers. You want a second component authentication approach to protect your delicate facts, so 먹튀 helps you provide Strong Authentication with a wide range of Authentication methods available to pick out from.

먹튀 can defend man or woman money owed of players of unique online gaming website where every user has a robust second component related to their account. Thus no other participant can get entry to the account of others.

 What sets 먹튀 to face out from pleasant in elegance solutions?

Since many protection breaches are found on cloud and prem nowadays, 먹튀 provides massive variety (approximately 15+) of Strong Authentication Methods to pick out from. This guarantees your cloud information and resources remain secure.

먹튀 provides HR pushed provisioning and de-provisioning, making onboarding person and de-provisioning person into the machine quite simple, maintaining in mind security issues. Single Sign on integration with 3000 apps and counting. All the mentioned services by먹튀 are available with world magnificent features that are nicely inside your budget.

먹튀 provides IAM services for:

  • Google Apps, and Joomla (3000+ apps)
  • Windows Single Sign-on using Remotespark, RDP, Credential providers
  • Single Sign-on in iOS, Android apps
  • Java single sign-on – Connectors for any app server e.g., Tomcat using Valves, Spring security, Websphere TAI, Weblogic, JBoss, IIS
  • Browser plugins on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE

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