Top listed games for android

People always find trouble in selecting a good game for them. It’s a game that matches their requirements and has all the characteristics and features which will grant the users the experience of a good game. There are some games which have location restrictions and they can’t be played in some countries. Similarly some video games need specific devices to work on. This guide will provide you the information of some top listed best android games with their key features:


This is a highly addictive game with super features and amazing modes which lets you to play the game and get connected to the other players online. These games have the main character of a snake and in order to survive in the game you need to have control over the snake and let it eat food to get long. To do this, you have to pass through various tricks and controlling the snake becomes tougher at each next level. When you are playing the game, there are some other players too who are playing and they are trying to let you knock in to them. Well, winning the game is not only about the length of the snake you can also kill other players even when your snake is small. Another amazing feature of the game is that you don’t necessarily need to install it on your android. You can simply search the game on browser and play it online.

  • Sonic Forces

The character in this game is a Hedgehog and it’s a speed battle. You can play this game online and compete with other players. One think you need to make sure while playing the game is that be quick on your feet. This game is 3D and considered one of the best speed games till now.

  • Go Plane

This game is easy to play but can be tough in some levels. You must have seen movies where a plane has to prevent itself from a missile fired at it. The plane needs to dodge and get saved from it. And then there are multiple missiles when you are nearer to the destination. Same is the case with this game; you need to protect your plane from the fired missiles until you reach the final destination.

  • Block Puzzle

This is not a new game and is old as compared to all the mentioned games but still it’s a good option to have this game installed in your Smartphone. This game has amazing features and comes up with a lot of colors and it is easy to use. You need to drag different blocks with the help of your finger at the spot where they fit well according to their color and thus the blocks will destroy vertically and horizontally based on their colors.

These mentioned games provide you the best gaming experience and you could enjoy the games at their maximum level. The colors, features and characteristics of these games are better than many other options available.

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